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Worker's Compensation Insurance

Although your church cares for its members and serves the needs of your community in countless ways, have you ever wondered what would happen if one of your employees were injured at your church? In particular have you thought about how you might deal with the rising hospital costs and legal fees that are often incurred as result of a workplace injury?

Workers' Compensation Coverage is the coverage you need as it's specifically designed to meet the needs of your church should such an accident occur. Here are just a few examples of accidents that result in a worker's comp-related claim:

  • While traveling on Church-related business such as visiting a shut-in, your minister is involved in a serious auto accident, resulting in death.
  • The secretary or any employee at your church opens a cabinet drawer and it tips over, injuring their arm.
  • Your janitor, while doing maintenance work, falls off of a ladder and breaks his leg.
  • Your pastor, while assisting the janitor in moving a piano, experiences a back strain.
  • The administrator collides with the base of a pew and breaks a toe.
  • The minister of music trips and falls down some stairs, fracturing a wrist.
  • The youth minister is injured in an activity sponsored by your church.

Should an employee-related accident occur, a Workers Compensation Policy can help with Wage Replacement and even restoring Disabled Workers so they can obtain medical and vocational rehabilitation and return to productive employment. Even though many ministers are paid as independent contractors, most state Workers’ Compensation Bureaus do not consider clergy as such because of the unique relationship of the employer and employee. Make sure your church has coverage for your minister with Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

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